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Pipeline Integrity Management

Consub performs the following aspects of pipeline integrity management:

  • Development of philosophy documents, specifications and procedures for
    • Internal inspection by means of calliper pigs, intelligent pigs or geometry pigs.
    • Corrosion inhibitor batch pigging.
    • Wax mitigation of oil pipelines.
  • Management and site supervision of contractors to ensure timely preparation for operations, and provide general technical input to the work.
  • Pipeline rehabilitation including internal cleaning and coating.
  • Assist the client in procurement of temporary equipment for the work.
  • Participate in HAZIDS/HAZOPS
  • Preparation and submission permits and approvals (3rd party and authorities)
  • Liaison with authorities and third parties organisations.

We have recently performed pipeline integrity and rehabilitation work for:

  • Pipeline Nitrogen Services BV (PNS): Ital Petroli - twin 22” Subsea Pipelines

Our key personnel have performed pipeline integrity work for:

  • BHP: Liverpool Bay Project
  • British Gas: SNIP Project

For full details of our capabilities, please contact us.