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Package Management

Package Management covers discrete packages that require specialist technical and commercial management skills to oversee - these skills and the experience to apply them is often difficult to find. At Consub this is an area we focus on. Working discretely or as part of larger project teams our subsea engineers have managed the

  • specification and procurement of subsea and top sides valves
  • vertical and horizontal diverless connection systems
  • specification procurement of pipe,¬†forged fittings and flanges
  • umbilicals
  • pipeline bundles
  • controls systems
The correct specification and timely delivery of these specialist equipment packages often dictate the success of a project and our track record on Shell, BP and Hess projects proves our credentials in taking on and delivering in such key packages.

You may be concerned about a specific area or package but do not want to engage a full time resource to cover it we can and have provided this service on a full time basis on projects such as Shell Leman or a part time basis on Hess South Arne.

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