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Concept Phase

The conceptual phase is where the first ideas are collected and evaluated for new projects or developments. Our management team and engineers are vastly experienced in project specification and delivery and by applying this to the earliest phases of projects we build simple, workable, economically viable solutions that can be logically and efficiently developed to execution with minimum rethinks and rework.

Our capability also allows us to provide continuity of personnel and services into the engineering and project management of the definition and execution phases beyond the conceptual study.

Our port folio of conceptual projects work and project management work includes Nalpetco West Mediterreanean development, Vatenfal pipeline-cable crossing and Shell Southern North Sea developments.

If you are a client looking to perform a study, a conceptual design or a budget cost estimate why not take advantage of the experience and continuity we can offer.


Vertical Jumper - Rosetti yard Ravenna, Italy


Pipelay Vessel - Broadhaven Bay, Ireland