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Survey Management

Nalpetco West Med Development Survey Management

Project Overview

The West Med Development comprises the Abu Sir and El King fields in water depths ranging from 800m to 1100m, located approximately 50km off the coast of Egypt, in the Mediterranean Sea.  The field development concept consisted of 6 initial wells tied back via a subsea production system to a new onshore gas processing plant approximately 35km East of Alexandria. 

Survey Overview

The survey scope comprised geophysical, geotechnical and environmental surveying and utilised six survey vessels operating from shallow water at the landfall point out to a water depth of 1100m. The value of the survey contract exceeded $12MM.

Geophysical Survey

In water depths less than 100m the survey was performed using the vessels MV Runner, MV Engy-K and MV IXplorer.  In water depths greater than 100m the survey was performed by the Fugro Geo Prospector utilising an AUV.  In total the surveys obtained approximately 3695km of AUV survey data and 3736km of hull-mounted and towed instrument data from the other vessels.  The data obtained included MBES, SSS, SBP and magnetometer.

Geotechnical Survey

The vessels Fugro Commander and Bucentaur were utilised for the geotechnical surveys.  In total the Fugro Commander performed 54no. 5m Piston Cores, 13no. 5m Vibrocores and 45no. 3m CPTs along the pipeline routes and in the field area.  At the locations of the subsea manifolds the Bucentaur performed a total of 5no. 25m deep CPTs and 5no. 50m deep boreholes. 

Environmental Survey

The MV Flying Enterprise performed the environmental baseline survey which comprised 45no. box core samples and 3no. water profile/samples and associated laboratory testing.


Scope of Services

Consub performed the following:

  • Development of the conceptual field layout and scope of work for survey
  • Evaluation of survey tenders and coordination of clarification meetings
  • Management of the geophysical, geotechnical and environmental survey contract
  • Provision of vessel representatives
  • Management of the specialist geohazard engineering studies carried out for the development